Positive Kids USA

*Frank and Lucinda Mitchell, I want to publicly thank you for giving me the direction and support to help guide me through life. Appreciate you both so much. ~ Kerry Smith

Our Founder's Story

The birth of POSITIVE KIDS USA was the vision of Kerry Smith which was many years ago.
It all started when Kerry was a young man and knew very little about what it would take to be a successful businessman.  Kerry always knew that he wanted to go into the business sector, but had very little knowledge of how to do it correctly.  He knew he had the drive to somehow make it work.  Kerry knew of a lady by the name of Lucinda Mitchell that operated a Fruit Stand and Food Store outside a hospital in New Orleans.  Every day he would see people lined up down the street to get some of Mrs. Mitchell’s food.


Mrs. Mitchell would turn out to be the positive influence that would completely alter his life.  She would always tell Kerry that she saw something special in him and was more than happy to help him out in any way that she could.  She started by giving him his first food truck and with that truck came an education that money could not buy.  Mrs. Mitchell would go on to teach Kerry all the various aspects of operating a business.  She educated him on the locations, permits, licensing and many other aspects that go on behind the scenes of operating a small business.  To Kerry this knowledge was invaluable, and Mrs. Mitchell’s husband Frank Mitchell would always let Kerry know to keep working hard and he would have a great future ahead of him.

As life has gone on, Kerry has successfully operated many businesses and always wanted to pass this knowledge that Mrs. Lucinda Mitchell had given him on to the younger generation and help them achieve goals that most of them would not think were possible.  That is how POSITIVE KIDS USA was born; Kerry Smith was compelled to Pay It Forward.

POSITIVE KIDS USA will do for the youth of today what Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell did for Kerry in the past; it will allow them to have the knowledge and experience to one day manage their own business.