Positive Kids USA

● Creating Role models through Business  & Mentoring  programs for teens and young adults from ages  14 to 21.  

● The Positive Kids  will experience entrepreneurship  skills by putting them in flea market  type setting  by way of merchandises that are donated from manufacturers.  

● The primary focus will be retail like products. For example clothing, shoes, accessories, towels, pillows, bedding etc.  

●  Every quarter a  Positive Kids Retail Market place  will be established in a different community. Twenty  retail stations will be setup. In an effort to teach the Positive Kids, The market will feature  different businesses run by participating Positive Kids.  

● The community will be using positive kids money( play money) to purchase items from  the market. At the end of the day the positive kid with the best performance will be featured in  their community in by way of flyer at hundreds of houses, displayed at the supermarket, magazines, newspapers, on television and throughout different  businesses.
(The community will received all items for free.)
● Encouraging business experiences on the Positive Kids.

● At every Positive Kids retail marketplace, college students majoring in business will be looking over the Positive Kids in the program and teaching them how to see things from a business standpoint 

● After every Positive Kids Retail Marketplace; The Positive Kids money (play money) will be converted into actual cash on a percentage basis, with 50% of the money going to them and 50% will go into their bank account at PNC bank, one of our partners.  (Those fund will come from financial donations).